Who we are

9 Dots Studio is an architectural outsourcing company that was established to be a leader in its field, providing high quality deliverables and setting new standards for client service. Our talented and professional teams are trained to guarantee the best solutions and results.

We believe that successful outsourcing depends on planning, quality, communication and control. Therefore we offer personalized services, flexible options for integration, clear channels of communication, and full control of your outsourced project.


We are committed to quality, excellence, innovation, and cost saving solutions, as well as a high level of service and communication. We produce deliverables for practices worldwide, conforming to clients’ CAD standards and specific project requirements. We accomplish this through teamwork, responsibility, precision, professionalism, reliability and integrity.


Our goal is to make your outsourcing as experience easy, helpful, reliable, and profitable as possible, and build a long term relationship for future collaboration. We are your extended global studio, managed by our professional staff, directed by your in house team, and secured by close relationship that sets new standards in the field.

Thinking outside the box

We provide architectural services for companies willing to optimize their productivity, boost their development, and enhance their own firm capacity. Let us be your partners in the design process, and we’ll make sure you stand out from the rest.


We bring together experience, quality and a desire for success. Our team consists of highly educated staff with extensive experience, who are familiar with international standards and codes. Their expertise and proficiency provide great solutions, added value, and reliability.

Confidentiality policy

All materials and information provided will be kept confidential and remain the property of the client. If requested, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement for any project.

“After spending four years working as an architect in Shanghai, China, for international firms, Oded has a strong understanding of the real potential of outsourcing. His experience in managing teams and projects offshore has allowed him to identify the strengths and weaknesses of outsourcing services. Adding to his professional experience in architecture, urban planning and landscaping, Oded has a rich background in client services. Using his experience and beliefs, he created a strong ideology for 9 Dots Studio – Quality is a must, Professionalism in all we do, Integrity from A to Z and Service like you’ve never had before. With this in mind, he is sure that your outsourcing experience with 9 Dots studio will be unique and successful.”

“For more than twenty years Jun have been trying to make our design more professional, and strive to make every detail as perfect as possible. Only by subdividing the professions, cooperation and outsouring, we could be more focused on our professional work and concept development . This makes the right person working on the right task and always focused. With this, we can also get a lot of happiness, helpful feedback and more personal time. This is our intention and desire to create 9 Dots Studio. Hope that our service can help those talented designers to better and more easily achieve their great ideas.”

Oded Narkis, B.arch
Oded Narkis, B.archCo-Founder & Director
Wang Jun, Ph.D.
Wang Jun, Ph.D.Co-Founder